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Which is the better choice for your business? Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between these two in-store experiential media providers.

If you’re in the market for in-store media solutions, you may be considering both Imagesound and Mood Media. While both companies offer similar services, there are key differences between them that can make one a better choice for your business. In this article, we’ll compare Imagesound to Mood Media to help you make an informed decision.



Imagesound is a company specialising in audio and visual solutions for businesses. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Leeds, UK, Imagesound has clients in over 70 countries.

One of the key services offered by Imagesound is background music, where they curate and deliver music playlists tailored to enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of businesses such as retail stores, hotels, and restaurants. In addition to background music, Imagesound also provides audio branding services. This can include creating original jingles, sound logos, and voiceovers that strengthen brand recognition. Imagesound’s offerings also extend beyond audio to include digital signage and video content. They help businesses utilise visual displays to engage customers, share promotional messages, and showcase relevant information.


Mood Media is the global leader in elevating customer experiences and providing in-store media solutions for businesses. With offices around the world and clients in over 180 countries, Mood Media serves more than 500,000 locations worldwide, reaching over 150 million consumers each day.

The foundation of Mood Media’s success can be traced back to their oldest business unit, Muzak, a pioneer in the background music industry founded in 1934. Since then, Mood Media has continuously revolutionised how brands connect with consumers by expanding their portfolio of offerings. Today, they have evolved into a comprehensive experiential media company, incorporating digital signage, audio messaging, scent marketing, audiovisual systems, and even in-store ad network technology into their repertoire.

With a rich history and profound expertise, Mood Media excels in creating customised music and messaging tailored to suit each business’s unique brand and customer demographics. However, their capabilities go far beyond that. They have evolved into a global force, serving brands of all sizes and operating in any location. Mood Media’s innovative solutions are designed to motivate consumers in-store and profoundly impact purchase decisions and consumer behaviour, all with the ultimate goal of achieving their clients’ business objectives.


Both Imagesound and Mood Media offer similar in-store media solutions, but they differ in terms of the range of services they provide, their areas of expertise and capabilities.

In the following we will break down the key differences between the two companies.

Music check check
Audio Messaging check check
Digital Signage check check
AV Systems check check
Scent Marketing x check
In-store Ad Network x check
All-in-one Delivery System x check
Global Coverage and Support x check


One of the primary offerings of both Imagesound and Mood Media is their ability to create custom music and audio messaging for businesses. Both companies boast teams of experienced music curators dedicated to crafting the perfect audio experience for their clients. However, Mood Media offers a more robust selection of music genres and styles and has been the pioneer and market leader for background music and voice messaging for many decades, serving international brands in all parts of the world. Mood Media pioneered the use of music in the commercial space more than 80 years ago and since then has built a highly dependable network including: the biggest labels, artists and upcoming talent industry wide. This heritage has allowed Mood Media to truly understand the relationship between people, sound and emotions.

In addition to their comprehensive music offerings, Mood Media excels in messaging capabilities, providing a range of options such as on-hold messaging, in-store announcements, and branded voiceovers. These features allow businesses to effectively communicate with their customers, reinforce their brand identity, and provide important information or promotions. Mood Media’s versatile messaging solutions offer businesses flexibility and control over their audio communication strategies. In comparison, Imagesound’s messaging options are limited to in-store announcements only.


Another very important aspect of in-store media are digital signage and visual media, offering businesses numerous benefits to enhance customer experiences and communication. Digital signage enables captivating visual experiences, effective customer and staff communication, targeted messaging, and cost-effective flexibility. By embracing digital signage, businesses gain a competitive edge and create memorable interactions with customers.

Imagesound and Mood Media both provide a range of digital signage solutions, including video walls, digital menu boards, interactive touch screens, and content creation services. However, Mood Media sets itself apart with its proprietary media player and content management system called Mood Harmony. This integrated system allows businesses to seamlessly manage both audio and visual systems from a single device and login. Whether across multiple locations or different zones within a store, Mood Harmony empowers businesses to control their audio messaging, in-store music, and digital signage effortlessly.

Mood Media further distinguishes itself through a dedicated business unit focused on crafting custom solutions for retailers with unique requirements or seeking something exceptional. They deliver cutting-edge audiovisual experiences enriched with advanced analytical features, providing valuable insights to both the retail store and brand. These solutions go beyond the traditional use of digital signage and are designed to scale globally, leveraging Mood Media’s expertise in executing large-scale project rollouts worldwide.


An effective AV system requires professional-grade equipment, meticulous design, and expert installation that can meet the rigorous demands of the commercial environment. In this regard, the experience and expertise of the provider are crucial factors to consider. It’s noteworthy that Mood Media stands out in this aspect, having designed and installed more commercial audiovisual systems than any other company worldwide. Their extensive track record speaks to their industry knowledge and proficiency.

Both Imagesound and Mood Media prioritise close collaboration with clients to design AV systems that align with their objectives and create a cohesive brand experience. They recognise the importance of seamless integration between audio and visual elements to enhance the overall customer experience.

In addition to their design capabilities, Mood Media’s position as the world’s largest and most experienced professional commercial sound systems provider sets them apart. They have established exclusive partnerships with renowned manufacturers such as Bose Professional, Klipsch, and QSC. These partnerships grant Mood Media access to cutting-edge technology and enable them to offer unmatched savings to their clients, ensuring maximum value for their investment.


Mood Media is also a leader in scent marketing, providing businesses with customised scent solutions to enhance the in-store experience for customers. They recognize the powerful impact of scents on emotions, memories, and brand perception. By strategically incorporating scents into the physical environment, Mood Media helps businesses create unique and immersive sensory experiences that leave a lasting impression on customers.

In comparison, Imagesound does not offer any scent marketing solutions. Their focus is primarily on enhancing the customer journey through music and visual elements, without incorporating scent as an additional dimension.

By leveraging the power of scents, businesses can create a multi-sensory environment that captivates customers and strengthens brand engagement. Mood Media’s team of experts works closely with clients to understand their goals and desired ambiance, curating scents that evoke specific emotions or associations. Whether it’s a soothing aroma in a spa or a fresh scent in a retail store, Mood Media’s scent solutions enhance the overall atmosphere, fostering a more engaging and memorable customer experience.


Having the right hardware players and software solutions to effectively and securely manage your in-store media is one of the most overlooked aspects of digitising and elevating your customer experience.

One of the key benefits of partnering with Mood Media is their all-in-one delivery and content management system Mood Harmony, a proprietary CMS tool that stands out from the competition with its capabilities. With Harmony, you get reliable, robust, and secure hardware and software that supports music, audio messaging and digital signage, all from one single login. This allows their clients to consolidate vendors, mitigate risk and leverage economies of scale.

The Harmony hardware player provided by Mood Media is designed for commercial environments, ensuring reliability and performance. It supports various high-resolution audio and video formats, enabling seamless playback of customised content.

With Harmony, you get:

  • Maximum reliability – continues playing content in the event of internet disruption
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • WiFi compatible
  • Supports music, messaging, and digital signage
  • Store up to 256 GB of content
  • Make updates to your content remotely via the web
  • Energy and bandwidth-efficient
  • Easily monitor all Harmony players on your network

By contrast, Imagesound relies on third-party hardware players and software to manage in-store media, and does not offer a proprietary all-in-one solution. The software provides basic control over in-store media, ensuring that the desired content is delivered to the right locations within the store.

In comparison, Mood Media’s hardware player and software capabilities, specifically with Mood Harmony, offer a more comprehensive and integrated solution. With Mood Harmony, businesses can effectively manage both audio and visual systems through a single platform, ensuring seamless synchronisation and control. The software provides advanced scheduling options, content creation tools, and extensive remote management features, offering businesses greater flexibility and control over their in-store media.

Mood Media’s potential for reinvestment in pioneering new concepts or ideas also offers a distinct advantage, given their proprietary ownership of their Harmony brand experience platform – a feature Imagesound does not possess. This ensures that Mood Media does not merely mimic industry trends; instead, they actively experiment, spearhead, and introduce fresh ideas to the marketplace. This innovative approach keeps their clientele at the forefront of consumer expectations, allowing them to evolve in tune with market demands. Unlike Imagesound, which relies on third-party technology, Mood Media’s proprietary platform ensures they are not simply subscribers but creators and innovators within the industry.


When businesses embark on their journey to enhance their in-store media, they need more than just innovative solutions – they require a partner that can offer global and localised coverage and support. Whether you’re a small boutique or a multinational corporation, the ability to rely on an in-store media provider with a strong global presence and tailored local expertise is crucial for success.

A robust global presence empowers businesses to deploy consistent in-store media solutions across multiple regions, maintain brand consistency, and leverage best practices that have been fine-tuned through international experience. It means having a partner who understands the intricacies of different markets, cultural nuances, and regulatory requirements, allowing businesses to create immersive customer experiences that resonate with diverse audiences worldwide. It also offers the advantage of a standardised approach to hardware installations, software implementation, and ongoing technical support, ensuring seamless operations on a global scale.

However, global coverage alone is not enough. The importance of localised support cannot be overstated. Businesses of all sizes need an in-store media provider who can adapt to their unique regional requirements, understand local customer preferences, and deliver a tailored experience that resonates with the target market. Localised support entails having dedicated teams or partners in different regions who possess in-depth knowledge of the local landscape. These experts understand the cultural nuances, language considerations, and market dynamics, enabling them to provide invaluable guidance on content creation, music selection, and audio messaging that align with the target audience’s preferences.

With 55 corporate offices and 150+ local service centres, Mood Media has established itself as a global leader in in-store media solutions, serving international brands in all parts of the world. Their extensive global coverage ensures that businesses, regardless of their geographical location, can access Mood Media’s services and deliver the best possible customer experience at every single one of their locations. With a vast network of offices and partners, Mood Media is also well-equipped to provide localised expertise and assistance. They have a deep understanding of different markets, cultural nuances, and regulatory requirements, ensuring that businesses can create immersive customer experiences that are culturally relevant and compliant with local regulations.

While Imagesound operates internationally, it is important to note that their geographical coverage is far more limited compared to Mood Media. This distinction is particularly significant for franchise and enterprise businesses with hundreds or thousands of locations across the globe, as Imagesound may not have the extensive expertise and resources necessary to execute large-scale, multi-site projects across multiple countries.


Regardless of the provider you choose, implementing in-store media to enhance the customer experience is an invaluable tool for driving sales in your business. While both Imagesound and Mood Media offer in-store media solutions, Mood Media stands out as the superior choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive range of offerings.

Mood Media provides a holistic approach to in-store experiences, encompassing music, audio messaging, digital signage, AV systems, scent marketing, ad network technology, as well as proprietary hardware and software specifically designed to design the best possible customer experience. Their extensive range of solutions enables businesses to create immersive and engaging experiences that captivate customers and leave a lasting impression.

Moreover, Mood Media’s global presence and scalability make them the ideal partner for businesses operating on a global scale. They have the expertise, resources, and infrastructure to execute projects of any size and deliver consistent in-store media solutions across multiple locations worldwide. Whether it’s a standardised implementation or a custom-designed experience, Mood Media can tailor their offerings to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each business.

When it comes to in-store media, Mood Media surpasses Imagesound in terms of the breadth of their offerings, global scalability, and ability to deliver customised solutions. Mood Media is the partner of choice for businesses that want to create memorable and impactful experiences that resonate with their target audience and elevate their brand to new heights.