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  1. Acoustic Chill A rich mix of singer/songwriter, acoustic chill and contemporary instrumental sounds. 2:33
  2. Mainstream A bright and approachable blend of mainstream sounding pop, electro pop and adult contemporary. 2:42
  3. Vibrant A lively, fun and sociable mix of upbeat pop, electro pop and dance 2:25
  4. Chillout Lounge A laidback blend of chillout lounge, lofi and electronic tracks, creating a trendy and luxurious atmosphere. 3:05
  5. Instrumental A downtempo collection of acoustic and electronic instrumentals 2:45
  6. Dance A lively, fun and sociable mix of upbeat pop,electro pop and dance. 3:00
  7. Easy Pop Vocal A bright and easy going soundtrack of singer/songwriter, pop and adult contemporary tracks 3:10
  8. Electro Lounge A mid tempo blend of lounge and electronic tracks designed to create a luxurious and trendy atmosphere. 2:09
  9. Hip Hop Lo Fi A lofi blend of electronic and hip hop beats. 3:00
  10. Jazz A smooth and sophisticated collection of jazz instrumentals 2:31
  11. Spa A soft and relaxing blend of atmospherics, new age and gentle instrumentals. 2:38
  12. Urban A fresh blend of hip hop and rnb crafted together to create a contemporary and ontrend feel 3:27
  13. Xmas Vocal A festive and bright collection of vocal Christmas tracks 2:39
  14. Xmas Instrumental A sweet and bubbly mix of holiday themed instrumentals. 2:13


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Mood offers a range of Rights Managed music programs with emerging and unsigned artists helping you to reduce or even eliminate* your PRO fees in key markets. Although the catalogue comes with high production values, this licensing approach removes all recognisable artists and familiarity of music achieved by paying PRO fees.

* Legislation may differ depending on the country, please check with your sales representative.

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