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Digital Signage For Convenience Stores

Despite the hit retail took from the recent recession, convenience store sales are still going strong. By appealing to their customers’ need for quick, easy and affordable service, convenience stores have continued to thrive in a difficult market – making them prime candidates for the benefits offered by the efficiency and convenience of digital signage.

Gone are the days of the “quickie marts” which sold only gas and tobacco products – today’s convenience stores offer a wide range of products selected to meet the desires of their on-the-go customers. Still, much of the traditional convenience store signage is geared towards the sales of non-perishables such as cigarettes, beer and lottery tickets – old-time staples for sure, but not quite what today’s customers have in mind.

Below, you’ll find five ways your convenience store can use digital signage to improve customer perception, increase sales and give your business a boost!

1. Clean up your image. Your customers are constantly on the go – which means their first impression of your store might be their only one. When a customer can see into your store, they feel safer and more at ease, meaning they’ll be more likely to stop and shop. Digital signage is highly visible from the pumps and easily updated, enabling you to rid your location of unnecessary window clutter. Use of digital signage can help you present a clean, modern image which improves your curb appeal and draws customers through the doors.

2. Distinguish your store from the competition. The convenience store industry is highly competitive – which is why so many store owners need and choose to develop their own unique market. Digital signage is easily customizable, allowing you the opportunity to set yourself apart by catering to the specialized needs of your specific niche, location or clientele – mention the local high school’s activities or the score of last weekend’s little league game. High visibility makes it easy to showcase your specialty products, amenities or promotions, and when paired with a love for and knowledge of the community, you’ll draw customers away from your competitors every time.

3. Increase in-store traffic. By using your digital signage to display in-store specials or featured products, you’ll bring customers from the pump to the register, significantly increasing your sales. You can also use signage to promote perishable products, reducing your wasted inventory and increasing your bottom line.

4. Rotate your messages. The beauty of digital signage is its flexibility, versatility, and ability to easily update and display your customized messages. By programming your messages to display at specific times of day, you can more easily tailor your messages to meet the needs of your clientele. No more one-size-fits all solutions for advertising your products and amenities – you can easily ensure that the right messages are queued to display at appropriate, pre-determined times.

Digital Signage for Convenience Stores

5. Promote future visits. Most convenience store customers stop 1-2 times per week, and that number can be even higher for loyalty program participants. Location and brand loyalty are critical objectives for any convenience store, as they drive business – if your location is convenient, customer service is good and there is an incentive such as a reward system bringing your customers back every time, they’ll never feel the need to go elsewhere. Using digital signage to promote frequent-buyer discounts or promotional programs alongside messages which showcase your available products will give your customers further incentive to return to your location, increasing customer visits and sales.

Convenience stores that leverage smart digital signage to promote their amenities, services and products are gaining the competitive edge that helps them win customer loyalty and increase business. If you’re interested in learning more about how high-quality digital signage can help improve your sales and customer experience, contact Mood Media today. We’ll help you select the right solution for your business.

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