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Create a consistent and exceptional restaurant experience across your entire footprint with restaurant franchise marketing solutions from Mood Media. We supply innovative media solutions to the world’s leading restaurant franchise brands.

We have the expertise, platforms, and dedicated account management that restaurant franchisors and franchisees can depend on. Contact us today for more information.

Trusted by hundreds of franchise businesses around the world to create the perfect customer experience.


Businesses around the world use our solutions to create unforgettable and consistent customer experiences. As the global market leader for Digital Signage, Music for Business, AV Systems, Audio Messaging and Scent Marketing, we are the perfect partner for franchise restaurants looking to enhance their customer experience, prioritise efficiency and quick service, and uphold brand standards.. Find out more below and get in touch to learn what we can do for your business.

Digital Signage
Put the power in the hands of the consumer with professional Digital Signage designed to offer seamless and convenient restaurant experiences. Promote menu offerings, demonstrate transparency around products, display entertainment content, and improve employee training and retention across all locations. From digital menu boards to interactive kiosks, we design visual experiences that help distinguish your restaurant franchise from the rest. LEARN MORE

Music for Business
Create a consistent sound identity across all locations with background music they’ll love, custom designed to reflect your brand, and fully licensed for commercial use. Work with professional music designers and attain the desired balance between local music influences and current trending artists. LEARN MORE

AV Systems
When it comes to audiovisual systems, national and global brands require commercial-grade equipment, experienced project management, expert advice, and competitive bulk pricing to maximise their investment and streamline operations. We deliver comprehensive solutions your business can depend on. From design and installation to local service and support, we’ve got your back every step of the way. LEARN MORE

Audio Messaging
Make the most of every opportunity and transform your brand voice into a powerful component of your customer experience. Adapt quickly to ever-changing consumer trends and reflect local and culturally specific needs by partnering with a dedicated Brand Messaging Specialist and creating an effective corporate messaging strategy. LEARN MORE

Scent Marketing
Leverage the power of scent, and create exceptional first impressions and memories associated with your brand. Mask unpleasant smells to maintain a positive experience at all times and across all areas of your restaurant franchise with our Scent Marketing Solutions. LEARN MORE

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The franchisor and franchisee may share the same corporate name and logo, but they often have differing motivations and expectations when it comes to the customer experience. Below are some of the biggest benefits that franchisors enjoy by partnering with us.

Dedicated Account Management

Receive the dedicated support of a focused team of experts to ensure prompt and consistent service, reporting, and billing. This team is highly experienced in serving the unique needs of franchise-based organisations.

Brand Compliance

The key to a successful franchise is a consistently great customer experience. We can help you achieve a coherent brand representation across all your locations, national or worldwide.

Single Point of Contact

Bundled pricing, centralised billing, project management, and reporting services. The cost-saving convenience of working with a single point of contact for multiple products, services and solutions.

Centralized Content Control

With a single login, you can control and monitor content at any location or groups of locations with our secure and intuitive web-based content management systems.


Here are some of the biggest benefits that franchisees enjoy by partnering with us.

Fast, Responsive Support & Local Installation

Available by phone or email with reliable experts on-site in every U.S. zip code and more than 100 countries.

Complete Peace of Mind

Join our franchise package and get access to preferred pricing, standardized options, corporate approved content, local flexibility, and dedicated account support.

Local Content Control

Control your Music, Messaging and Digital Signage content within the parameters defined by your franchisor. Give your content an authentic, local feel whilst maintaining brand compliance.


Our solutions are intuitive and designed with the end user in mind. We’re always available to provide webinars, online tutorials, and on-site training upon installation.


Here you can find the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you better understand how we can support your business.

How can I enhance the overall dining experience at my restaurant?

Experiential media solutions such as interactive screens, gamified content, and AV systems, empower you to engage and entertain guests during their visit, making their dining experience more enjoyable. Digital signage and LED screens can also showcase menu items and promotions, helping customers make informed decisions. Custom music and scent marketing solutions should also be considered to create an atmosphere unique to your brand.

How can I offer personalised experiences for my restaurant guests?

Implementing digital signage and interactive menu boards provide an outlet to display tailored meal suggestions based on customer preferences and dietary restrictions. Custom music and ambient sound can also be used to create a unique atmosphere for your target audience.

How can I improve service efficiency and convenience at my fast food franchise?

Digital signage and LED screens can display current wait times, promotions, and menu specials to streamline the guest experience. Additionally, modern AV systems can be used to facilitate contactless ordering and payment solutions, further enhancing convenience within your restaurant.

How can I promote transparency and trust in my restaurant?

Digital signage can be utilised to display clear pricing, ingredient sourcing, and nutritional information, fostering trust with your customers. Audio and visual messaging can also be used to showcase positive customer reviews and testimonials, bolstering your restaurant’s reputation.

How can I integrate digital and mobile technologies within my restaurant?

Interactive screens and digital signage can be made compatible with mobile devices, allowing customers to access menus, promotions, and loyalty programs on their smartphones. This integration creates a seamless dining experience that caters to today’s tech-savvy guests.

How can I promote cleanliness and hygiene at my restaurant?

Scent solutions enable you to create a fresh and clean atmosphere in your dining area, positively impacting customer perceptions. Digital signage can also be used to display cleaning protocols and health guidelines, reassuring guests of your commitment to their well-being.

How can I promote authenticity and sustainability at my restaurant?

Customised audio and visual messaging can be used to highlight your restaurant’s commitment to sustainable practices, such as locally sourced ingredients, waste reduction initiatives, and energy-efficient operations. Displaying this type of content on digital signage and LED screens reinforces your brand’s authenticity and environmental responsibility.

How can I support my restaurant's social responsibility and ethical practices?

Develop and employ audio and visual messaging campaigns that showcase your restaurant’s community involvement, charitable initiatives, and responsible business practices. By displaying this type of content on digital signage and LED screens, you can strengthen your reputation and attract socially conscious diners.

How can I prioritise speed, convenience, and value for money at my QSR franchise?

By utilising digital signage and LED screens, you can display current promotions, daily specials, and limited-time offers, emphasising the value your restaurant provides. Additionally, modern AV systems can streamline processes like ordering, payment, and table management, improving overall efficiency and convenience at any fast food franchise.

How can I enhance communication, responsiveness, and exceptional service experiences at my restaurant?

Audio and visual messaging solutions enable you to provide clear and consistent communication about your restaurant’s offerings, service standards, and customer commitments. Interactive screens and digital signage can be used to gather customer feedback and respond to inquiries, fostering an environment of exceptional service and responsiveness.


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