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“I highly recommend Mood to any healthcare provider who wants to create an exceptional patient experience.”

– Dr. Amit Ganglani, DMD
Fresh Dental


To suit Fresh Dental’s diverse clientele, the Music Design team helped Dr. Ganglani select 10 Core Music Programs to match the energy and mood he wanted to create in his practice.

The experts in Visual created a variety of Digital Signage solutions for Fresh Dental. For the waiting room, the Visual team designed and implemented a 4-screen video wall with two different diagonally-paired displays. The first set shows Fresh Dental TV, an affordable custom solution that leverages our Mood TV for Healthcare solution, featuring family-friendly TV programming inside of a fully-branded L-shaped screen wrap. The right side of the screen wrap shows rotating images with patient queues, links to Fresh Dental’s Facebook page and more. The bottom of the screen wrap shows live RSS feeds, such as sports scores, weather forecasts and news tickers. To help Fresh Dental provide an educational experience for their patients, the second set of screens in the video wall shows rotating dental tips.

Leveraging our Mood TV For Healthcare Solution, we created an affordable, fully branded TV network exclusively for Fresh Dental.

Since the waiting room at Fresh Dental faces a shopping center, video wall content changes over to display marketing material during off hours, giving passersby a glimpse of the Fresh Dental experience. Beyond the video wall, Mood implemented Fresh Dental TV in all five of the exam rooms to help entertain patients while the dentists perform their work.


Mood exceeded Dr. Ganglani’s vision and helped Fresh Dental revolutionize the experience. Patients are wowed by the use of visuals throughout the facility, and both patients and staff love the eclectic mix of new and classic hits in Fresh Dental’s music programs. Lavender and citrus aromas round out a soothing ambiance, and with Mood WiFi, Fresh Dental can provide added convenience while gathering Facebook likes to grow their brand awareness.

After working with Mood for more than a year, Dr. Ganglani is extremely pleased with his decision to partner with the global leader in elevating Customer Experiences.

“Why did I choose Mood? It’s simple. Quality, service and convenience. Operating a dental practice, I have to work with a variety of vendors, but Mood makes things simple. They’re my one-stop-shop for Scent, overhead Music, customer WiFi service, branded television and digital signage.”

“Additionally, I have a local Account Executive who is available whenever I need him, and more than anything, the services I receive from Mood help me provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that my patients truly appreciate. I highly recommend Mood to any healthcare provider who wants to create an exceptional patient experience.”

– Dr. Amit Ganglani, DMD
Fresh Dental 


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