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FRYDAY is creating an evolution amongst fast food as it grows in presence and prestige throughout Romania. It is the only fast food restaurant that fries the food in peanut oil, an aromatic oil highly appreciated by gastronomists and chefs worldwide. Additionally, FRYDAY is the only concept in the QSR industry that operates with smashed beef from Romanian Angus, which defines an incredibly delicious and juicy burger recipe.

As of Q2 2024, the brand owns 11 restaurants in Romania and is rapidly expanding.

“From content management to project management, our partnership is transparent and reciprocity is a common word in our daily whirlwind of challenges.

Thank you, Mood Media!”

– Lucian Florea – CEO & Founder, FRYDAY Romania


FRYDAY’s business strategy is to become the first Romanian brand that competes within the ‘hall of fame’ of internationally famous QSR brands currently operating in the local market. The strategy is rapid expansion and new sites are opening quickly within the space of just a few months. FRYDAY were on the lookout for a reliable media partner that can step up to the task from multiple perspectives and support their rapid development. From operations, logistics and robust hardware to plug’n’play solutions, easy-to-use platforms and specific installation requirements – Mood Media was enlisted as the ideal partner to deliver this complex experiential marketing strategy.


From partnering with FRYDAY and fully immersing our team into the brand, strategy, values and vision, Mood Media were able to develop a solution comprising of visual, audio and scent solutions to create a contemporary, digital customer experience in FRYDAY restaurants.


The digitalisation of FRYDAY restaurants responds to multiple needs. Through creative and engaging digital signage, FRYDAY can keep clients informed, draw attention to star dishes and create a wow factor. The signage also helps to increase brand awareness and provide support to employees. Mood Media designed, installed, and configured the hardware and software for multiple zones inside and outside the restaurants including Digital Menu Boards, Video Walls, Info Points, Price Lists, Drive-Thru Menu Boards, BuildUp screens and even a Junior Meal screen for the kid’s corner!


Managing such complex systems architecture requires a robust content management system that is scalable and allows personalisation for each zone with unique content that can be deployed in a timely manner. The Mood Media Harmony platform enables content management, video player monitoring and scheduling for each screen and zone. We have installed more than 100 Harmony video players in all restaurants which are managed simultaneously from one single platform.


The brand was keen to have a different sound to the traditional fast-food restaurant experience; avoiding overused and highly common music styles such as pop or commercial hits. Mood Media developed a unique playlist with a deep house electronic vibe, using remixes and instrumental tracks for a surprising lounge and beach house atmosphere.


Mood Media also installed scent devices in some of the restaurants to create a fresh aroma in the space. Traditionally, the scent within a fast food restaurant is something organic of the space and work within it, however, with a custom scent solution, FRYDAY is able to control the scent within every space to exactly what they would like their customers to experience.

The chosen scent has welcoming notes of White Tea, Bright Citrus, Thyme, Jasmine and Subtle Amber. It smells like wandering a meadow full of white flower blossoms and wild thyme!


The hardware architecture is rather complex for an installation of this size, with a large number of audio systems and video devices. Screens, wall mount brackets, ceiling mounts and speakers all had to be sourced, tested and installed. For the spaces outside of the restaurant itself, drive-thru specific devices were used which are more suited to the outdoor environment and usage.


Undertaking a project of this size is no mean feat. However, it’s been a great journey for our team to work closely with those within the FRYDAY brand and help them push onwards with their bold vision for the coming months and years. We look forward to their rapid growth and undoubted success across Romania and beyond.

“For us, the collaboration with Mood Media is not just a simple partnership, but a strategic development decision alongside a company that understands our needs and meets our stringent requirements for both hardware quality and workmanship carried out with great care and professionalism.

Lucian Florea – CEO & Founder FRYDAY Romania


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