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Consumers are expecting more


Our 2021 Shopper Sentiments Study revealed that 67% of consumers worldwide declare it is important to them that the brands they shop are committed to being environmentally friendly.


In equal measure, 66%, shoppers globally declare that it is important to them that the stores themselves are environmentally friendly.


Mood Media is proud to help brands create an emotional and elevated yet sustainable in-store experience for their customers. How do we do this?

  • Mood Harmony™, our point-of-sale Content Management platform, is designed with energy efficiency in mind, using fewer than 10 watts of power with few in-person updates necessary.
  • We are proud to partner with Design Conformity (DC) and CHG-Meridian to help brands assess and improve the level of sustainability at their points of sale.
  • We evaluate how to optimize a brand’s in-store technological solutions and support them throughout the life cycle of such solutions.
  • We collaborate with innovative brands such as LG Business Solutions, Samsung and Bose to provide our clients with commercial-grade equipment that consumes as little energy as possible without compromising on quality.

“At Design Conformity we’ve been championing carbon assessment for a number of years, but recently we’ve seen a real change within the industry. Europe is leading the way and pushing their companies to provide accurate, verified carbon efficacy data which they can report to customers and shareholders. We are working with global brands, retailers and interior specialists like Mood Media to provide Life Cycle and Carbon Assessment to ISO standards, so companies can report improvements. In the past, sustainability was a ‘nice to have.’ Now carbon is becoming a currency”.

– Adam Hamilton-Fletcher, MD, Design Conformity


Consumers expect it, and it’s great for businesses, but where does one even begin on a brand’s sustainability journey? And what can one do when it comes to the point of sale? Download our whitepaper to learn more.


Customers are demanding that brands engage with transparency, meaning and purpose. How’s the automotive industry doing today, and where is it headed tomorrow?
Mood Media, LG Electronics and UXUS joined forces to create a distinct webinar series, ‘Automotive Retail Recalibrated’, exploring the automotive industry’s future and how the new high-velocity consumer is transforming its retail landscape.

The mobility of the future is set to be much easier, sustainable, more flexible and connected as well as personalized. To remain successful, both car manufacturers and suppliers alike will have to offer user-oriented innovations that are meaningful for their audience, the environment and future generations. What do purpose-led brands mean to the market and customers and what does the automotive industry have to teach, and learn, in this field? Download the whitepaper with the highlights from the Webinar.


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