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Background Music in Hospitality

Audio branding is a core element of the guest experience, and it’s an essential tool for connecting with guests on a deeper, more emotional level. From custom background music mixes to ambient soundscapes,professional hotel music is proven to have a huge impact on guest loyalty and satisfaction – making audio design a critical component in the creation of welcoming space.

Sound branding (also known as audio or acoustic branding) is a process which involves the design, presentation and management of audio elements that align with and reinforce your unique brand personality. It includes all elements of the audio experience – whether those elements are composed specifically for your brand or carefully selected from existing musical components.

Within the hotel environment, it is essential that your audio elements reflect your core brand values and personality in order to create a distinct customer experience. It is this unique auditory experience which will distinguish your brand and help set your business apart from the competition.

Whether conscious or unconscious, your background music and acoustic landscape are constantly influencing the behavior and experience of your clientele – meaning that the careful creation of your soundscape can help set the stage for the positive emotional associations which turn your clientele into loyal guests. By translating your core values and goals into a musical format, you are creating an engaging environment that speaks to your guests on a deeper level – one which inspires a stronger sense of connection.

To approach sound branding effectively in the hotel environment, you’ll first need to identify key touchpoints – areas in which the addition of auditory stimulus will add value to the guest experience. The most common areas include reception and lobby, dining or bar areas, day spa or massage rooms, and outdoor gathering spaces such as a pool or patio. Choose your areas wisely and remember that ambient soundscapes may add value even in areas where background music is not appropriate.

If your business already has branded or trademarked sound elements, the subtle incorporation of those elements into a custom hotel music program may be considered. For instance, acoustic versions of marketing themes could be integrated with a larger audio mix, creating a distinctive musical “watermark” which reinforces your brand. Overall, your background music and soundscapes should uphold an emotional tone and character which reflects your brand’s core values, creating an atmosphere which is very uniquely yours.

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So, what makes your brand stand apart from the rest? Qualities such as great service and friendliness are universal in the hospitality industry – so you’ll have to dig deeper. A hotel focused on providing a posh experience will have a much different environment than one focused on playfulness and fun. Your sound branding and hotel background music should complement your signature brand characteristics.

With careful consideration and the right technology, you can develop a branded audio strategy which elevates the guest experience and creates stronger brand loyalty across your entire footprint. Contact us today to learn more and start driving real results with your hotel music. 

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