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  1. Adriatic Pop The biggest Croatian, Serbian hits from the last 4 decades mixed with contemporary pop and rock. Sample Artists: Zsa Zsa, Nina Badrić, Matija Cvek, Ivana Kindl, Mia Negovetić, Zdenka Kovačiček, Boris Rogoznica, The Frajle, Ana Stanić, Neverne bebe, Aleksandra Radović, Saša Kovačević
  2. Hungarian Lounge Mix These songs come from music artists from European countries with a population of less than 20 million people. Mainly lounge, vocal deep, house, chill out, downtempo and ambient styles. Sample Artists: FolkSPA, Fibra, Phlocalyst, Calibre, Elior, Jeff Bennett, Joakim Karud, Gero & Forteba
  3. Hungarian Mix Today’s best Hungarian hits from the last 6 years. Sample Artists: Halott Pénz, Soulwave, Follow the Flow, Ákos, Caramel, Rúzsa Magdolna, Honeybeast, Bagossy Brothers Company, Blahalouisiana, Carson Coma, Belau, ByeAlex
  4. Paris Chic Sample Artists: Matthieu Boogaerts, Stefi Celma, Ariane Mauffat, Vincent Delerm, Ben Mazue, Volo, Melody Gardot, Alain Chamfort, Enzo Enzo, Andre Manoukian, Helena Noguerra, Lambert Wilson, Vanessa Paradis, Christophe feat Philippe Katerine, Dominique A
  5. Frenchies Sample Artists: Adé, Kendji Girac, Amir, Angele , Juliette Armanet , Slimane , M Pokora , Tayc , Stephane, L héritage Goldman (feat Cephaz) , Clara Luciani, Claudio Capeo, Les Frangines , Camelia Jordana, Ycare / Zaz
  6. French Trendy Sample Artists: Janie, Symon, Ariane Roy, Vendredi sur mer, Leslie Medina, Oscar Anton et Clementine, Cheri, Elisa Kwame, Julia Jean Baptiste, Clou, Chien Noir, Emma Peters, Melody Lauret, Vanille, Le noiseur
  7. Hexagone Sample Artists: Tété feat Jeremy Frerot , Julien dore, Alain Souchon, Florent Pagny , Jennifer , Corneille, -M-, Anggun, Carla Bruni, Teri Moise, Native , Gaetan Roussel, Pascal Obispo, Amel Bent, Christophe Willem


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