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“Our hospital has used Mood’s services for more than 20 years, and we couldn’t imagine using anyone other than Mood for our messaging needs.”

– Mara Hoberty
Marketing Coordinator
Franciscan Health – Indianapolis, Mooresville & Carmel


Since 1974, Franciscan Health Alliance has been a leading healthcare provider throughout Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. Over the years they’ve received a number of accolades and recognition for their excellence in healthcare, including Centers of Excellence designations and five-star quality awards.

Franciscan’s unwavering commitment to compassion, wellness and the welfare of the communities they serve shines through in their efforts to provide a tremendous patient experience. And for more than 20 years they’ve relied on Mood to help bring that same great level of care to their callers with On-Hold Music & Messaging services.


Franciscan Health is highly attuned to the needs of their patients, and from the comforting and trustworthy tones of their selected voice talents to the informative and helpful content of their messages, their On-Hold strategy effectively reflects their patient-first approach.

To help execute this strategy, Mood assigned a dedicated Voice Consultant to Franciscan Health who serves as a single point-of-contact for all of their Voice needs. This individual coordinates between the client and Mood’s team of professional copywriters and voice talents, ensuring that all message productions precisely fulfill Franciscan’s requests. Additionally, the consultant assists in scheduling messages, processes new production orders and sends reminders when it’s time to update messages.


Franciscan’s On-Hold Messaging solution includes a variety of informative and educational content, such as health tips, information on new doctors and upcoming events. Messaging is updated regularly and is designed to be relevant for different times of the year as well. For example, Fall messaging features flu shot information, while Summer messaging provides tips on proper hydration and fireworks safety.

Instrumental music is integrated with On-Hold Messaging as well, ranging from soothing styles such as Piano, Soft Jazz and Classical Guitar. Franciscan was also able to leverage Mood’s diverse pool of voice talent and handpick two professionals – one male and one female – who truly express a sound that appeals to their primarily middle-aged and senior clientele.

Additionally, thanks to Mood’s Voice Design online portal, Franciscan Health can build and approve scripts, request changes, submit production orders, track order status and access past productions – all with a few simple clicks.


Not only does Franciscan Health Alliance love the high quality of their On-Hold Music & Messaging, but they’re always highly satisfied with the consistently fast, friendly and reliable service they receive from their dedicated Voice Consultant. They’re able to keep messaging current and relevant at all times, and they appreciate knowing that their account is in the hands of someone who understands their unique messaging needs.

“Here at Franciscan Health, we put a lot of thought into our on-hold messaging strategy, but Mood makes it so easy to execute. I have a dedicated Voice Consultant who understands the specific needs of our account, and she’s always incredibly responsive and ready to help at any time. They also have a wide range of voice talents for us to choose from, and we were able to find voices that really appeal to our patients.

We like to take a bit more of a hands-on approach with our messaging, and using Mood’s Voice Design online portal for approving and scheduling message content makes our monthly placement cycle very easy. Our hospital has used Mood’s services for more than 20 years, and we couldn’t imagine using anyone other than Mood for our messaging needs.”

– Mara Hoberty
Marketing Coordinator Franciscan Health Indianapolis, Mooresville & Carmel


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