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One of the single most important truths of the hospitality industry is that every reservation matters. Even though online booking is most prevalent today, on-hold messaging is still an invaluable tool for ensuring that you don’t miss any opportunities to book a room. It’s also essential for providing prospective guests with a preview of the experience they can expect at your property.

However, effective on-hold messaging takes more than just an engaging voice and good music. In this article we’ll break down the five keys for how hoteliers can make the most of every on-hold opportunity.


#1: Identify The Goal of Your Messaging

Simply put, the goal of your messaging should be to provide an exceptional experience. Think of it this way: inside your property, you aim to create a specific experience that makes your guests feel a specific way. Your on-hold messaging should be an extension of that experience.

Do you want callers to feel welcomed? Engaged? Excited? Upbeat? Relaxed? No matter how you want guests to feel, make sure that your intent is present in your on-hold strategy.

As you brainstorm messaging content ideas, ask yourself whether or not the message would help promote those desired feelings. If a given message won’t promote these key feelings or your brand values, then it’s one to exclude. A qualified hotel messaging consultant can help you determine what types of messages are most suitable for this purpose. Consultation is typically complementary when you work with a professional hospitality messaging provider.

#2: Keep Messages Short, Cycles Long

Hold times can vary, especially during busier periods. As such, a safe rule of thumb is to keep your messages short, preferably 10-20 seconds long. Brevity ensures greater comprehension of your messaging content. Additionally, if your average hold times are relatively short, it’s even more important to ensure that your content is concise.

Since messages should be short, it’s a good idea to utilize longer messaging cycles so that callers don’t hear the same messages over and over during longer hold periods. We recommend a 2-3-minute music & messaging loop.


#3: Choose the Right Voice(s)

On-hold wait time doesn’t have to feel like an inconvenience for your callers. The idea is to engage them with a professional voice talent or two that truly express the welcoming sound of your brand.

If you need help selecting voice talents, reach out to a dedicated hold messaging consultant. These experts understand the art behind on-hold and they can help you pick the right voice talents for your unique brand and audience.

#4: Incorporate the Right Hold Music

Select a professionally-designed music bed that supplements the welcoming energy and hospitable tone of your messaging production. While it doesn’t need to have as much variety as your overhead music, it should be similar to the programming you play at your property. On a related note, just as your overhead music needs to be fully-licensed for business use, your hold music also needs to be licensed. Learn more about music licensing HERE.


#5: Update Regularly

Playing the same exact messages all year round is an easy way to reduce attention to your content and further irritate callers during long wait periods. Aim to update your messages at least every quarter, and make sure that the content is relevant to the time of year and reflective of your promotional calendar.

To learn more about On-Hold Messaging, contact us today. Our Brand Messaging Specialists are happy to answer any questions and show you the many possibilities for implementing a successful solution for your callers.



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