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“In addition to the considerable sales boost we’ve already seen after using Mood Digital Signage, the software is easy to use and the solution enhances the refreshing, bright and welcoming atmosphere that we aim to provide to our shoppers.”

Mike Savage
Vice President of Merchandising, Earth Fare


Earth Fare is a full-service supermarket with a 40+ year commitment to providing clean, healthy food options and a world-class customer experience. With 55 locations and counting across the U.S., Earth Fare continues to capture market share in the grocery-retail industry while finding ways to differentiate itself from the competition.

From banning products with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and sucralose to implementing eco-friendly efficiencies, Earth Fare is dedicated to providing healthier lifestyle options for its customers while continually finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint.


Consistent with their aim to provide the best food options to their customers, Earth Fare partnered with Mood Media to implement an enhanced customer experience in their cafe. By focusing on the purpose and placement of new digital signage touchpoints, Earth Fare hoped to achieve the following key goals:

  • Increase sales in “eat in” food categories
  • Distinguish their café experience from those at other grocery retailers
  • Create a branded café environment that entices customers to eat, drink, lounge and relax

While it is important for Earth Fare to demonstrate clear ROI on their digital signage solutions, their primary objective is to elevate the Customer Experience. As such, they needed a provider that could deliver exceptional signage content and expertise on optimal screen placement.


To resolve these challenges, Mood implemented a series of new digital touchpoints aimed at the goal of enhancing the customer experience. Applications include promotional digital signage, digital menu boards in the bar/grill, and the ability to air live television for sports or requested satellite TV content.

All content is displayed through professionally-mounted 55” ultra-high-definition LCD screens, provided and installed by Mood. The solution is supported by Harmony, Mood’s proprietary Audio & Visual content management system (CMS). Also known as The Brand Experience Platform, Harmony offers users complete control of their Digital Signage, Music and Messaging solutions provided by Mood, all from a single intuitive online platform.

Additionally, Mood’s compact and secure audio & visual media devices drive content to each screen. All digital menu boards are supported by an additional media player per screen to ensure maximum reliability. Providing an extra media player at each menu board screen is an example of Mood’s exclusive Failover Redundancy Program. The secondary player is loaded with the same exact content as the primary player, provided at no additional charge to Earth Fare. Redundant devices are important because the presence of grease, steam and excessively high temperatures in a grocery food court or restaurant environment can sometimes cause digital media players to fail. Providing an extra device at each menu board ensures that the screen will continue to have content to display in the event that the primary device fails. The result is an additional layer of quality assurance. Any malfunctioning devices are quickly replaced in order to maintain the redundant arrangement.

With Harmony, authorized users at Earth Fare have complete enterprise-level control over Mood Digital Signage solutions at all of their stores. An intuitive interface makes it easy for users to instantly manage, edit and publish content for one or multiple screens across multiple locations. Harmony’s unique scheduling feature also allows Earth Fare to schedule content as far out or as soon as necessary, down to the second.

Earth Fare Creative Director Bradlee Hicks uses Harmony on a weekly basis, and he appreciates the ease of use and scalability that the platform provides:

“With a clear layout and the ability to drag and drop, the CMS is straightforward and simple to use, and I know exactly where each of our hundreds of pieces of content will live, in this case the café area.” said Hicks. “Within seconds we can schedule content and push updates to several locations—a key factor for a retailer of our size.”


In order to measure the impact of the new customer experience and digital signage solution in the café, Mood conducted a 60-day case study from March 2019 to May 2019 at an Earth Fare location in Charlotte, NC. During that timeframe, Earth Fare saw a 10% increase in “Eat In” food categories since the addition of the enhanced café experience and TV install.

The increase is reflective of the significant impact that a customer-centric solution can have on the customer experience.


This comprehensive solution has empowered Earth Fare to engage and connect with their customers in exciting new ways. The result is a better and more convenient customer experience. Mike Savage, Earth Fare Vice President of Merchandising believes that providing this type of experience is instrumental in helping Earth Fare continue to grow and distinguish itself as a leader in the health food grocery industry.

“Partnering with Mood Media for our Digital Signage has already proven to be an excellent business decision, especially with new store openings on the horizon. In addition to the considerable sales boost we’ve already seen after using Mood Digital Signage, the software is easy to use and the solution enhances the refreshing, bright and welcoming atmosphere that we aim to provide to our shoppers. Their project management for installing the hardware and screens was also highly impressive, and installation was executed smoothly. We look forward to working with Mood as we continue to grow in the years to come.”

– Mike Savage
Vice President of Merchandising, Earth Fare


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